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Cigar Roller Events in West Orange, NJ were always popular due to the proximity to NYC, just 20 miles away. Bloomfield, Paterson are neighboring counties and considered the “better areas” of New Jersey. Hence, cigars and other luxuries are enjoyed by residents and it is reflected in their lifestyle.


West Orange events are typically social as families outnumber the singles. Cigar roller events have been frequent in this area, especially for Weddings and Golf Outings.


These cigar events have made CF Dominicana the boutique cigar brand to contact for these special evenings.


Pricing for these events are typically 900 and up depending on the guest list and features included.


Your quote will be custom quoted to match the specific needs of your affair.



THE MANOR of Cinnaminson, NJ is a common destination for our cigar roller events and we enjoy a 4 year history of events there.

The Manorn - click the link for more info on the Merion