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This world famous city, with its casino resorts and charming beachfront, is an ideal place for cigar rollers for your convention, wedding, or other special occasion.


Both a relaxing get-away and an excitement filled vacation are easy tasks in Atlantic City. It is a city with a wonderful variety of adventure possibilities. Explore the Atlantic City boardwalk, smoke a cigar at the Hilton Beach Bar, or try your luck at a poker table inside the Trump Plaza.


Start your day off at a great resort & spa, then go for a short drive to do some wine tasting at a local vineyard, and end your evening watching waves and surfers interacting at Crystal Beach.

With so much to see in Atlantic City we know your choice for event entertainment has to be eye grabbing. We have in-house event planners ready to help you have our cigar rollers make an impression on your attendees. Watch your guests regale as they witness the old world tradition of crafting fine cigars.


You can even create a sophistication found in the speakeasies of the 20’s & 30’s at your event by adding cigar servers to the mix. Personable hosts are also available to assure your cigar entertainment choice is both visually great, and highly interactive.

Very careful attention is paid to cigar construction and balance. First-rate Dominican Ligero long filler, and the best Connecticut Shade and Maduro wrappers available in market are used to create a smoke that is sure to please both the novice and the cigar aficionado at your event.