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Cigar Rollers Keyport – Cigar Rollers & Cigar Catering meet the pearl of the bayshore. The home of many aviation firsts and The Steamboat Dock museum is a perfect environment for your cigar event. CF Dominicana cigar rollers in Keyport will impress your guests as they craft cigars using old world traditional techniques.

FREE custom cigar bands featuring your initials, company logo, or own design are part of every event booking and stand out as an elegant finishing touch.

CF Dominicana cigars are top shelf cigars made with first-grade Dominican Ligero blend, and only the highest quality Connecticut Shade and Maduro wrappers

Everyone will appreciate and love the visual aspect of a cigar roller at your event, but those who love cigars will rave about what a great smoke it is!

Keyport also shares the town of Aberdeen and is home to the Addison Park Catering Hall.


Cigar Rollers for weddings have been the dominant type of event at the Addison Park and this is a preferred location for CF Dominicana Cigars.


Visit the web site for the Addison Park and below is more contact information;


Addison Park


150 Highway 35

Aberdeen, NJ 07735



Phone 732-566-9660